Recycling Waste


The most important part of our job is without question HOW we dispose of your waste.

Allied Waste Services, combined with Adelaide Resource Recovery are fully committed to protecting this beautiful planet and we want our clients to look after it too.

We therefore aim to recycle 97% of all waste handled through the use of the state of the art facility at Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR).

Our customers can do their part by separating their waste on site and reducing any environmental impact.

All recyclables, such as wood, metal, plastic, paper and glass, and mixed waste are transported to licensed sorting facilities for processing and reuse. They are NOT left to rot away in landfills.

Ever wondered exactly what happens to recyclable materials? Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Masonry is crushed to produce a number of various road base materials.
  • Metal goes on to be smelted and reused for new metal products.
  • Paper & cardboard is reused in the production of new cardboard & paper products.
  • Plastic is remanufactured into plastic pellets which are then used to produce various products.
  • Timber is used in the manufacture of recycled furniture as well as mulch for landscaping uses.

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